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To be frank, Post 497-Indianapolis has mutated to a “biker-bar”. The Legion Riders dominate.

Most are non-veteran, and they ride herd like “Kings”. Their conduct is barbaric, disrespectful and arrogate to all. They are insubordination to Veteran Leadership, resulting in our past Commander stepping down and dying a short time later. The Bar Manager and Rider Director where just too “busy” to go to his Celebration of Life?

Bad behavior is constantly being rewarded, with NO repercussions. What Veteran Leadership we do have is a “Joke” at best. Officers’ positions are rotated among a few, without any form of elections, and/or do process in an open forum. Career military members are not respected, nor are they asked to assist with obvious issues concerning the operation, execution and function of a active Post serving our Veteran, Families and Community.

To this US Army Career Senior NCO, they where “bad soldiers” and now “worst Legionaries”. With an all cash Post operation, it is very lucrative to be part of the “click”. The Bar Manager and SAL Commander, they are the same. The Bar Manager is a paid position and his staff is all non-Veterans.

Bartenders and Bar-Backs can make $500-$1000 a day “cash”. They are all Volunteers, and serve at the pleasure of the Bar Manager. HA HA. They have self-serving arrogate attitudes and “drama” is the way of life.

Cheap drinking and gambling is what this post does best in a smokehouse environment. Our halls cannot be used for any community events.

21 and over is the rule….Shameless and dirty is the way of life for a few ... stolen valor to pad pockets

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